Got no money.

brokeit’s that time of the month!

well most of you must been keenly waiting for that message on your phone saying *SALARY CREDITED*

Few of us have a longer wait period and it’s pretty stressful on the inside.

You must have been wanting to purchase something so bad but the wait period is making you loose that excitement? yup…happens.
And then you just need to get used to that.

I already have a list of purchases to be made soon and things to be done.
Everything revolves around those colored notes. I feel every month there should be a week or even a day where money has no power and it’s all Barter system! It would be so cool I mean just imagine…
‘hey hello sir can i have your shirt I really love it and it would match my tan pants’
other: ‘ hey why not how about a plate of fries in return?’

(great hopes I tell you)


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