The FCUK chicken!

12961496_10207735996294416_720802754278868883_nI simply love how food on the menu cards have such interesting names which in a way makes you curious as to what it could be.

So I go with my friend to ‘TRUFFLES‘ ( oh by the way the burgers are killer) and I normally order a burger called’ Tons of fun’ XL size ….yeah that’s my “usual”. But then she ordered her usual which was this FCUK chicken and she tempted me into ordering that  which turned out to be a very good decision.

Juicy and hell spicy chunky chicken cubes in this amazing caramelized bourbon sauce served with creamy mashed potato and crunchy noodles with the obvious garlic bread and rice. For all those who love spice and feeling that fire, breathing out smoke like a dragon(okay i exaggerated that a bit) it’s a place you must try .


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