Penne drowned in cheese

13615273_10208483952752860_7389947650446336416_nPASTA ALFREDO

Creamy chicken alfredo pasta topped with bellpeppers and mushroom with olives which is something I pick out and eat (apart from chicken). It’s so cheesy , like  a plate of penne drowned in hot cheese! The flavors are so strong and gorgeous, sided with soft garlic bread(wish they gave an entire plate of em’) .
This plate of pasta is the second best and creamiest pasta I have had with all the right amounts of flavors from ‘CALVIN’S’.
try the pastas at Calvin’s.

13645326_10208483266055693_2990147515543929481_nIT’S MAIN COURSE!

Prawns in Thai curry , spicy and juicy and oh the taste buds just want more of it.!
Served with steamed rice, salad, mashed potato and the amazingly soft garlic bread.
All the PRAWN LOVERS must give this a try if you happen to plan out a meal at Calvin’s.

The steak is also pretty gorgeous but sadly I don’t have a picture of it to tempt you .
maybe next time . *evil laugh*


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