Little chips of sweetness into the chocolate batter and heated to this perfect fluffy muffin from  JUST BAKES! Rich in chocolate (and calories) but that’s okay once in a while – this is totally mouth watering. So is the apple- cinnamon and banana-walnut cakes.
It is a light snack which can perfect your cup of coffee.11181638_10205470884308032_7935995963972640186_n


A  bowl of delicacy with rich hot chocolate brownie buried at the bottom topped with vanilla ice-cream; hot chocolate sauce poured over with care making sure it covers the most of the white visible( yes i know it sounds fantabulous)
The final top is decorated with cream , nuts and a cherry at the top.!
This very bowl of heaven has been my lunch many a times, pretty filling so hop onto your nearest ‘CORNER HOUSE’ to get inner peace.
Sometimes when my friend and I decide to have ice cream she would be :let’s share a DBC”, like excuse me?! I am going to clear that one bowl entirely by myself.
there cant be sharing for such things unless  you’re on a diet. lol.

Screenshot_2016-09-03-12-38-45-2OREO MILKSHAKE

Like the name says it , this glass contains crushed oreo biscuits with milk and sugar with chocolate sauce at the top to add to the chocolate flavor making it a dessertful drink.
This is from a tiny juice and sandwich shop near my college which did a great job in achieving their target customer!


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