coffeesweetCoffee is one thing that makes you happy on the inside.
If you dont think so.? then you are missing one of the most interesting sessions of
‘early morning sleep deprived look and feel removal’ therapy.
A lot goes on to build that cup of coffee, you may not know because you’re still sleepy and dazed and have no clue what’s going on. (too much exaggeration..I know)
but a lot of people survive on coffee be it college or office.

Strong coffee, sweet coffee, hot coffee, cold coffee , black coffee ( oh my gaawd racissst)
all these have special agents who tell their team how exactly the coffee should be made.

Starting from the water and milk balance , both teams need to know how much each of them should contribute….
If not ..then the mission is a disaster and if they are lucky they get a second chance ( i dont mind giving them a second chance)
Then the decoction and sugar have their challenges to make it either strong or sweet or both!( i like both so no issues with that )

And last step to pour it into  that special mug of your’s that brings back your soul and makes you feel inner peace .
Oh and i forgot a very important part in all this. temperature!!!

If the coffee is not hot after all of the hardwork the various teams do then it is…..
(cant believe I am actually marking imaginary edible teams based on their “performance”)
( I think I am not in my senses…I think I need coffee…..)

I know you want it get’em.


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