Biryani Burps!

First on the biryani hit list is MEGHANA FOODS!!
Andhra style restaurant which serves rice curries and these amazing Meghana special biryani! Hot and spicy this steel bowl of goodness should be tried.
I would suggest you to go with boneless chicken biryani served with raitha and a spicy curry , all so perfect that will let that smoke come out of your ears.

For all those non-veggies, your eyes and mouth will water in joy when it comes onto your table with this layer of juicy chicken right at the top.
The second layer giving you that yellow rice which is gonna do the magic.
but before the magic you need that masala to hit you which is the third layer at the bottom which is to be mixed with great dedication and then put onto that plate for consumption.

Oh by the way the Veg biryani is same without the chicken.
One bowl serves two , like trust me …
I had to once have the entire bowl as I was the only Chicken in the garden.
I accepted the challenge and BURRRRPP.

Well enough said, now get out of that seat and go catch some hot biryani from MEGHANAS
Koramangala, Bangalore.

There are two other branches so you may want to just have a quick google search and get to the one nearest to you!

Happy buuurping!


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