ketch up if you can.


Those round red juicy tomatoes have done magic to people. How tomatoes took control over the taste buds of human beings!! (too much exaggeration but it’s okay)  

But seriously, I have come across so many people who can survive with just sauce. Not just any sauce but tomato ketchup.

Be it a pizza, burger, nachos and tacos it doesn’t stop there.
It is a very important side dish for dosa, chapati, poha , maggi, egg, bread and the list can be endless.
Ketchup brings in that added excitement on a dining table and this is all from a
‘ Ketchup Krazy’ person’s perspective.
(not me. am okay with everything)

So when you go to a McDonalds you have three options
one, you have the plain salted fries (which is classic and watered-eye happiness)
second , you got that special masala in your life called ‘piri piri’  ( the second level of happiness with taste buds marching as the spice hits them)
and third is well of course, The Ketchup! which some people just pour over the fries and then for obvious reasons those two tiny packets are not enough so they go ask for more sauce and it’s like this red curry all over.
( like seriously it’s not even  a side thing anymore)

Ketchup has got so much power that it’s not even aware of .
(just look at that red plastic bottle on the table sitting innocently filled with this tangy mixture of ingredients not knowing of its humble contribution to mankind. )

It’s like the king of sauces ( all red and majestic )

Sauces are like the sudden rain that pours down and cools the moment,
like the cream to a biscuit without which it is just a biscuit ..and ..well not a cream biscuit..get it?
*cracked smile*

Well if you are one of those who carry stolen ketchup packets ,from like fast food joints , in your bags/pockets then am sure you can relate and hence you wouldn’t mind giving a thumbs up !
(I know you are nice people!! danks!) 😛


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