the Rice and Chicken Chemistry


Well where do I even cravings are endless and well this is one of them as it’s part of the ‘FREQUENT  AFFORDABLE CRAVINGS‘ .

What you see is a bowl of Ghee Rice with rice amount of flavor served with dal and a curry which I really like by the way . It has a lot of oil though but goes very well with the rice. I just call it the orange curry.img_0278

So now you need a little bit of meat to go with this soft beautiful rice and the best combination that I have tried is this Chicken kebab boneless. One plate comes with like 8 pieces . (don’t forget to squeeze the lime! )
Juicy and crispy at the same time. It is a simple combination and the quantity of all is just enough to give you your finale burps.

Tempted?  Well then head to your nearest Hotel Empire and enjoy.
They also have an amazing non-veg thali and chicken biryani

( heard from sources hence you may try)….just saying .
Happy Cravings!!


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