Let’s Meat for Brunch?

IMG_20170329_143715Well an unexpected brunch plan simply gives me excitement and this was one such day. Here & Now cafe in HSR Layout Opp BDA complex, Bangalore – is the place to go for a quiet sunday afternoon brunch!IMG_20170329_185639_198

I went all MEATY on this one! the ‘ MIGHTY MEATY PASTA’ !
Penne drowned in white sauce pasta topped with spinach , chicken and baconnn!!! yes It’s got chunky juicy bacon on the top bringing those drooly eyes to a stare. Olives add to the flavour and trust me , it’s a bowl to be paired with a Iced lemon tea.


A breakfast person? then you must try the ‘ CAN’T GET ANY PIGGER’ Breakfast platter.     A beautiful spread of pork sausages, bacon and ham along with two eggs ( style of your choice) sided with mushrooms, frilled tomatoes and mashed potatoes. It comes with a complimentary juice of your juice and this is one hell of a belly delight!IMG_20170329_143525

It’s a perfect place to come with family and friends. You can create a doodle, read a book or even play games while you wait for your hearty meal.

A very pretty bungalow space and very well done up with bright refreshing colors.


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